Slow mornings in Paris 

Hey loves! The photos above have a bit of a backstory haha. I really wanted to take a photo on a Parisian balcony, but our balcony door at the hotel was actually locked with a few screws so it wouldn’t open more than a couple of inches. What’s the point of that? So we found a hardware store a couple of blocks away and bought a screwdriver (I blame the jet lag for making me not think straight). We took off the screws and took some photos while watching the city below us wake up. It was quite the adventure and stunningly beautiful. (Sorry Holiday Inn, we screwed it back in before we left!)

Later that day we went to the Louvre museum and wandered around La Seine buying some street art 🙂

This is probably my favourite dress I own! It’s simple but made really well and has such cute unique details and ruffley sleeves. Click the image below to shop: