Hi Guys! As you know I’ve been updating my bedroom and a couple rooms in my house and  I’m so excited to share with you some updates with the furniture! It always takes way longer to decorate a place so I’m sorry for the delay, but you want to make sure you are investing in pieces that will last you a lifetime and that you’re sure to love forever.

I recently painted my room a brighter white and got new curtains which has really brightened up the space. I love a minimalistic and bright room because as you know, I do all of my work from home and do a lot of shooting in my room. I love modern pieces with vintage touches here and there. Mid century pieces are my absolute favourite and I think I found the perfect chairs for my space!

Flag Halyard Chair

Starting with the Flag Halyard chair, this chair was originally designed by Hans Wegner, who created this beautiful lounge chair to comfortably fit the human body – and it shows! His philosophy was that furniture was meant to form with the human body and he treated it as a form of art. The story of this chair is that he actually thought of the idea while sitting on a beach, and wanted to recreate the feeling of sitting in a sand dune. He did this by using ropes, or a ‘halyard‘, which is a line that hoists or covers a sail. I can confirm that it forms with the body beautifully, and is incredibly comfortable to sit it. I absolutely love reading on it or working on my computer on it because I could truly sit in it for hours. Not only is it comfortable, but it is absolutely gorgeous. It’s such a statement piece and you can customize the colours to fit within your space.

Wassily Chair

The second chair I got was the Wassily Chair in black. The original designer is Marcel Breuer who designed this chair with inspiration from Adler Bicycles. It’s a super sturdy and wide chair that definitely makes a statement. It has a gorgeous thick steel frame and black leather straps that suspend the seat. The angle of the chair is also extremely comfortable as shown here: 

I think that this chair adds a really cool masculine and industrial touch to my otherwise quite feminine and bright coloured room. 

Eternity Modern also offers:

  • Free delivery over $1000
  • A 5 year warranty
  • Returns with no hassle within 15 days

I would highly recommend checking them out here!


Excited to continue to share more home decor with all of you.


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