Hi guys! I wanted to tell you a bit about the facial I got on Saturday at Skoah in Yaletown. Skoah is a skin care company with 7 locations in BC, where they give amazing facials and sell their own skin care products. The Yaletown location is their biggest one with a very nice atmosphere. They really made me feel at home and everyone was very warm and inviting. As you can see below, Skoah has a clean and calming decor, with an entire wall full of all of their products.






Getting into the facial, mine was done by Erin. I would recommend wearing a tube top or a strapless bra because the facials also focus on your neck area. She started by asking me a bit about my skin. I told her that I don’t have acne prone skin, and that my biggest issues are dryness and redness. No matter how much moisturizer I put on, my skin usually is still left feeling really dry. I also don’t do much to my skin because it is so easy to manage, which I now realize probably isn’t the best for it. Before I visited Skoah I basically just washed my face twice a day and used a thick moisturizer at night and one with SPF in the morning. She took all of this into consideration and really customized the facial towards my skin’s needs.
Then we got right into the facial! p.s the bed was extremely comfortable and had heated blankets 🙂


This is what the power facial included for my personal skin type:

-deep cleanse with their “Kream Kleanser” She washed my face and neck thoroughly while explaining that this creamy cleanser wouldn’t dry out my skin

-toned the skin with “Tonik” which balances the PH and helps to hydrate the skin

-exfoliated with two exfoliants, one of which was the “Enzyme mask”. This isn’t a physical exfoliant which she explained could irritate or damage the skin, but instead the enzymes break up the dead skin. You feel it working with a slight burning sensation

-extractions – she extracted the black heads on my nose as well as a few on my cheeks and chin. She also analyzed my skin at this time, and we determined that I was a bit dehydrated and should definitely focus on exfoliating and moisturizing

-next applied two face masks – the “Hydradew Mask” and the “Charcoal Mask”. I really love that they are able to mix so many of their products to customize the experience

-She did a face, neck, and shoulder massage while the mask was soaking in which was amazing

-finished off with the “Skin Boost Serum” and “Eye Candy Gel” which penetrates the skin really well with their smaller molecules as well as the “Lip Dip” lip moisturizer



I decided to purchase the “Enzyme Mask” because I wasn’t exfoliating at all and loved how it left my skin feeling, as well as tried out their 3 new concentrates coming soon! The concentrates basically focus on one ingredient to target a specific concern with the skin. You can also use them with your other products such as moisturizers or serums.

The 3 concentrates are:

-Vitamin C: this helps brighten your skin and reduct hyperpigmentation. It overall will leave your skin more clear and radiant!

-Hyaluronic Acid: this is what will really hydrate your skin and leave it plumper and refreshed. This stuff is crazy, it can carry 1000x it’s weight in water! (this one is definitely my favourite)

-Copper Peptide: this concentrate is for healing and can calm your skin. Personally I’m finding that this helps reduce my redness.



Overall my skin felt incredibly soft and hydrated after the facial, and it truly was a very relaxing and calming experience. I also learned a lot and was very pleased with how educated and confident in their knowledge everyone was at Skoah. They write out all of the products they used during your facial on a card and what they would recommend you add to your skincare routine, if you’re curious mine is below!



Hope this helps #getyourglow!